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New Age Marketing with Next Level Connections


Get set up with a professional profile that is viewable by over 1,000 different businesses and investors after being reviewed by our board for a small annual fee!

Networking with investors

Immediate access to over 1,000 business owners and investors involved in start ups and Fortune 500 companies looking for new ideas!

Get a Professional review of your Idea

Get a professional review and grade from our team that checks your profile and runs it through our five step process to make sure that your idea is presented as well as it can be!

Special Services

Is just a profile and connections not enough? Can't figure out how to get your profile done?  Just want more funding?  Let us help by ordering our special services plan!

Are you like many young professionals that think that they have the idea that will change the world but need more funding or connections to the right people?  Look no further than Scarlato Walsh Connections.  SWC has the ability to market your idea and connect you RIGHT NOW with over 1,000 investors and business owners looking for young people with brilliant minds.